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Rory is a published songwriter having had songs on the cover of Classic Rock's 'Country' edition magazine. He has recorded all over Europe and the USA. Most recently Rory played a session for the legendary Bob Harris as part of his 'Under the Apple Tree Sessions'. Welcome to the website - come and be part of the journey!


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For Rory O'Neill, it’s not about self-mythology. Not the latest scene or the most convenient label, but rather it all boils down to the unique power of a great song to restore souls and spirits and lift them up.

Rory grew up being weaned on country music by his family's’ Irish show-band and wanting to be Elvis, also listening to such heart-on-sleeve troubadours as Steve Earle and Garth Brooks. In these new songs the depths and nooks and crannies are revealed more with each listen. It is the sound of wide-open vistas and of bruised prairie skies; of a ribbon highway running to a distant horizon where the sun kisses the land orange and gold.

The country music influence shows in every heart-tugging melody and iridescent chorus. It is sewn into the fabric of O’Neill’s hard-won lyrics and on each step of the journey from the plangent Stutter and the rustic embrace of I'm Sorry to the widescreen dramas played out through the lead single I Stopped Loving You Tonight - a song influenced by George Jones.

The songs are all for Rory and these three speak volumes.



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News & Updates

‘Sports and Entertainment Nashville’ writes…

23rd January 2019

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Rory Teams up with the Music industry’s Michael Garbutt

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Writing at Station West Studio Nashville with Leslie Satcher

18th & 19th December 2018

Gig at Bluebird Cafe, Nashville

17 December 2018

Arriving in Nashville

15th December 2018

EP Release

17 May 2018



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Holding On EP

by Rory O'Neill